December 5, 2011

Abstract Expressionism

Characteristics of Abstract Expressionism

  • Unconventional application of paint, usually without a recognizable subject (de Kooning's Woman series is an exception) that tends toward amorphous shapes in brilliant colors.

  • Dripping, smearing, slathering, and flinging lots of paint on to the canvas (often an unprimed canvas).

  • Sometimes gestural "writing" in a loosely calligraphic manner.

  • In the case of Color Field artists: carefully filling the picture plane with zones of color that create tension between the shapes and hues.

  • Example Paintings from Abstract Expressionism

    Number 8, 1949 (detail) by Pollock, Jackson

    Night Creatures, 1965 by Krasner, Lee

    Picture 1 Source
    Picture 2 Source

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